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Superbook Academy is an exciting digital Sunday school curriculum. Designed for grades 1-6 (or K-5), our on-line Academy lessons will transport your kids on a life-changing journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The curriculum features the highly acclaimed Superbook animated bible stories that kids around the world love to watch. Also featured are “Bible Background” videos in which your kids will discover the archeology and history of each Bible story, and “Signposts” videos which link the stories to Christ and his redemptive plan for us. Easy-to-use lesson guides, craft & activity instructions and other resources make it easy for teachers to be ready for Sunday morning! Superbook Academy’s strong discipleship component helps students apply the Word to their lives throughout the week. They’ll also grow in their faith with our Superbook Bible App, YouTube Superbook Channel and website (

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Mission Statement The mission of Superbook Academy is to present the Gospel clearly and accurately to children around the world. We want children to know that each Bible story is a real historical event that actually happened; to instill within them bold faith that God’s Word is absolutely true; and to equip them to apply eternal scriptural principles to their lives today.

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